Monday, December 17, 2007

Stories Behind Prison Walls

The Mexican Mafia: The Story
This book is dedicated to the "Original Thirteen" members of the Prison Gang Task Force in California and to all other Law Enforcement agencies past, current and future Gang Enforcement personnel who continue to strive in the eradication of the gangs both within and outside of jails and prisons.


Anonymous said...

Moco, that's good info.

cia said...

Moco, now we have a blog that tells the truth.

Anonymous said...

sometimes it hard to believe these stories are true. so many men have no clue what terrible things await them whhen they arrive in Prison. It is not about doing time. it is about surviving. I wish stories like this would reach young boys who think they are exempt from the cold reality of prison life and the horrors that occur everyday. God Bless you for the straight truth.