Saturday, July 26, 2008


By now I believe most of the custodial personnel are aware of the U.S.Supreme Court ruling that the segregation of inmates by races is unconstitutional. I do not believe that the Justices are aware of the many factors involved in this decision. Sure, for the first timer, or those accused of minor crimes, such as drug, drunk, check cases etc. probably could get along alright. There maybe other first offenders of crimes of a more serious charges that could also make it inter-racially, however, when it comes to the hatred between races, I don't believe it would be appropriate to mix. An example is the Aryan Brotherhood member being celled with a member of the Slack Guerrilla Family. This holds true to the Mexican Mafia member being celled with a member of the Nuestra Familia. It also holds true to a Mexican Mafia member being celled with a member of the Black Guerrilla Family. THESE GANGS SHOULD, IN MY OPINION NEVER BE CELLED TOGETHER. I am not talking about so called drop outs. This is a category into itself. There are several prisons across the states that have programs dealing with the drop outs and they seem to be working. As long as the various street gangs are told to do the bidding of their prospective prison gang leaders, this hatred will exist. The gang problem is like the drug problem, we keep chipping away, but in reality it just keeps growing. A dear friend of mine, the late newsman Don Harris put it in perspective, (paraphrasing)" the solution to the problem with prison gangs is like the problem with the solution of wars. we just don't know." - Moco