Friday, December 21, 2007

"Crazy Carl"

This is the story about a white male inmate who was sentenced to death in the California Department of Corrections for murdering two females that he picked up in a bar. The females gave Carl a ride home in their five-year old delapidated Ford.
Carl convinced the girls that he needed to use their restroom. While one girl went into the bedroom, the other went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Carl picked up a large butcher knife and while holding his left hand over the girls mouth,
Carl repeatedly stabbed her in the chest. Just as she hit the floor, the other girl walked into the kitchen and seeing her lying in a puddle of blood, started to scream.

Carl immediately jumped on her and started viciously stabbing her to death. Carl then rummaged through the house picking up anything he felt was of value. He loaded
his booty into a pillow case and after getting the car keys, which were lying on the table just inside the door, he walked to the truck and drove off.

About five miles down the highway he noticed the blinking red lights from a police vehicle in the rear view mirror. Carl was thinking about racing off, however, knowing that he could not out run the police unit, he just pulled over.

"Where is your operators license and registration," asked the officer. As the officer shined his flaslight into the car, he noticed that Carl was covered with what appeared to be blood, and a large butcher knife lying on the front seat next to Carl. The officer drew his gun and ordered Carl out of the car and he arrested Carl.

After the jury found Carl guity of the double murder and burglary, the judge sentenced Carl to two death sentences...

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