Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Know "them"

In the first few months of the Prison Gang Task Force's operation, we were contacted by an ex-convict who had spent a few years in both San Quentin and Folsom prisons. He said that he was originally from El Paso, Texas. He showed us his tattoo which consisted of three large letters across his chest...EPT

As we were unfamiliar with these letters, I asked him what did they stand for. He said the El Paso Tip. (We would later confirm this with Sergeant Bill Hankins, who was the investigator for San Quinten Prison.

This person had been stopped by one of the patrolmen who after a brief question and answer session, told him that he might get some help from our unit. To make sure that
he came to the trailer, the patrolman had the person follow him.

The person had a California driver's license with the name of Charlie Chasco. We verified his backgound through CDC and found it to be true. Charlie said that he did time with several of the names we ran by him and he said, "I know them." Charlie agreed to work as an informant for us and we sent him out to find the locations where many of the ex-cons hung out. We did not hear from Charlie for about a week. We thought that he had just went on his way without doing anything for us.

We received word from one of the L.A. Co. homicide Deputy Sheriff's who related that they had found a Hispanic male body with several prison tattoos on his body that had been stabbed several times, there was no identity on him. We were shown tattoos of the body and were sad to say the least, that the first possible ex-con informant had been murdered. There were no leads/arrests for a long time. We had no clues as why.

Later on the Task Force learned that he was murdered by the Aryan Brotherhood

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