Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Know "them"

In the first few months of the Prison Gang Task Force's operation, we were contacted by an ex-convict who had spent a few years in both San Quentin and Folsom prisons. He said that he was originally from El Paso, Texas. He showed us his tattoo which consisted of three large letters across his chest...EPT

As we were unfamiliar with these letters, I asked him what did they stand for. He said the El Paso Tip. (We would later confirm this with Sergeant Bill Hankins, who was the investigator for San Quinten Prison.

This person had been stopped by one of the patrolmen who after a brief question and answer session, told him that he might get some help from our unit. To make sure that
he came to the trailer, the patrolman had the person follow him.

The person had a California driver's license with the name of Charlie Chasco. We verified his backgound through CDC and found it to be true. Charlie said that he did time with several of the names we ran by him and he said, "I know them." Charlie agreed to work as an informant for us and we sent him out to find the locations where many of the ex-cons hung out. We did not hear from Charlie for about a week. We thought that he had just went on his way without doing anything for us.

We received word from one of the L.A. Co. homicide Deputy Sheriff's who related that they had found a Hispanic male body with several prison tattoos on his body that had been stabbed several times, there was no identity on him. We were shown tattoos of the body and were sad to say the least, that the first possible ex-con informant had been murdered. There were no leads/arrests for a long time. We had no clues as why.

Later on the Task Force learned that he was murdered by the Aryan Brotherhood

Monday, December 24, 2007

Warden, here's my finger

Lenny was convicted for the kidnapping and rape of a teenager. He was an angry young man and decided to "get even" for the man who had molested him years earlier when he too was a teenager. If that had not been bad enough, the molester was infected with aids. This was not discovered until several months after he was put into a prison medical center. Because of his bitterness, he was constantly involved in fighting, biting, and throwing things at other inmates and guards.

After being placed in solitary confinement for some six months he grew more agitated by the day. He kept asking for the guards to ask the warden to come and see him, however, it must have fell on deaf ears as the warden didn't show up.

In desperation, he chose to bite off the first diget if his own index finger. He then placed it in an envelope and gave it to one of the guards to take it to the warden. When the warden opened the envelope he could not believe his eyes. He had Lenny taken to the emergency room for treatment and then had him taken to the prison psychiatric hospital for follow-up.

Three months later, Lenny was returned to his very cell in solitary to complete his sentenced for his criminal deeds he had commited in prison. He wrote the warden time and time again, but as before, the warden refused to go to Lenny's cell to see him.

Once again, Lenny decided that the only way to get the wardens attention was to do something of magnitude to get the warden's attention. Lenny decided to to bite the first diget of his middle finger. This time however, Lenny took the portion of finger that he bit off, wrapped a long piece of dental floss around it and dangled it outside his cell, swinging it back and forth as the blood spurted forth.

The warden had enough of these antics and had had Lenny transfered to the psychiatric hospital until his death...

Sunday, December 23, 2007


John had no way of knowing what to expect while sitting in the courtroom waiting to be sentenced for his criminal action...embezzlement. Sure, he heard about how bad things were in most prisons, however, he felt that since he was forty-five years old, married and with kids, he would be relatively safe. What John didn't realize was that age in itself had no bearing on what the criminal gangs had in their twisted minds.

John was sentenced to five-years. As he was riding on the "Blue Bird" (prison bus), toward the prison, he began to wonder how his family would make out without his support. His wife didn't work, sure she was an educated woman, but John told her that when they got married that she would not have to work any more. She needed to stay home with the kids as he didn't want them to grow up living on the street as he had. No, his kids were going to get better than he had.

As John exited the bus, he immediately was met with cat calls. Although they could have been anyone of the sixty inmates, John felt the were directed towards him. As the sergeant started barking the orders at the inmates, his eyes were constantly moving back and forth at the inmates lined up at the fence at the reception center line.

"Hey you sweet thing, come stay with me",shouted a big black inmate. He was about 6' 6" and about 275 pounds of solid muscle. Although John was about six feet himself, he was in no condition to take on such an animal.

As John picked up his clothing at the reception center, reality set in. He was scared, real scared! As John made his way up to the second tier, he noticed some real mean characters gathered at the end of the stairs. As John walked by, one old
inmates grabbed his ass. John made the fatal error of cussing out this inmate. John had barely sat down the inmate clothes and was in a semi-bent over-position. Before John could straighten up, three inmates grabbed him and throw him on the bunk. Before John could defend himself, his pants were pulled down and the rape begun. Not one, two or three, but six inmates took advantage of his predicament.

John was left bruised and beaten lying on the cell floor sobbing. Since he was a new comer in the prison, he was wanted by several of the various gangs. The blacks made a bid of 1 carton for him and the Hispanics sold him...

Friday, December 21, 2007

"Crazy Carl"

This is the story about a white male inmate who was sentenced to death in the California Department of Corrections for murdering two females that he picked up in a bar. The females gave Carl a ride home in their five-year old delapidated Ford.
Carl convinced the girls that he needed to use their restroom. While one girl went into the bedroom, the other went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Carl picked up a large butcher knife and while holding his left hand over the girls mouth,
Carl repeatedly stabbed her in the chest. Just as she hit the floor, the other girl walked into the kitchen and seeing her lying in a puddle of blood, started to scream.

Carl immediately jumped on her and started viciously stabbing her to death. Carl then rummaged through the house picking up anything he felt was of value. He loaded
his booty into a pillow case and after getting the car keys, which were lying on the table just inside the door, he walked to the truck and drove off.

About five miles down the highway he noticed the blinking red lights from a police vehicle in the rear view mirror. Carl was thinking about racing off, however, knowing that he could not out run the police unit, he just pulled over.

"Where is your operators license and registration," asked the officer. As the officer shined his flaslight into the car, he noticed that Carl was covered with what appeared to be blood, and a large butcher knife lying on the front seat next to Carl. The officer drew his gun and ordered Carl out of the car and he arrested Carl.

After the jury found Carl guity of the double murder and burglary, the judge sentenced Carl to two death sentences...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This is the story of Jake Smith, an eighteen-year old White male inmate who had been convicted for Grand Theft Auto and sentenced to 3-years in the California Department of Corrections. This was not his first encounter with the criminal justice system, no, it was in fact a series of small crimes that led to this current situation. One of his first crimes was that of "petty" theft. He stole a loaf of bread and a package of lunch meat. The total was about $3.00. Since he lived on the street, he would normally live on anything found behind the restaurants in this skid row area of Los Angeles, however, he decided to go into one of the grocery stores and get some new meat and bread.

Jake never noticed the closed circuit camera system and thought that the over-sized jacket that he was wearing would conceal his booty. He was wrong and He was apprehended by the store owner. He plead guilty and was granted probation. He apparently didn't learn much from this because a week later he attempted to steal again, but was apprehended by the store security. Jake's probation was revoked and he was sentence to 1-year in the Los Angeles County Jail.

Upon his release, broke and homeless, he tried to get a meal at a restaurant and tried to leave without paying for it. It so happened that he appeared before the same judge and was given another year.

After being released this time, Jake decided to get out of town and took the first car that someone had left the keys in. Jake had learned how to hot wire the car from some jail inmates that he met while serving his second sentence. Jake had only driven about 10 miles drown the highway, Inter-state 10 when he was pulled over for speeding. The California Highway Patrol Officer was suspicious about the answered given, and Jake was arrested.

The judge, after the jury found him guilty of Grand Theft Auto gave him the three years that he is currently serving.

Upon arrival at the California Institution for Men in Chino, California, Jake tried to fit in, but he made the fatal mistake that so many "fish" (first termers) make.
Jake received some "goodies" (cigarettes and candy) from a nice Hispanic man. This Hispanic man happened to be a gang member and that night, Jake was held down and raped by the nice man and six other nice men.

Jake was about to report the incident to one of the guards but to his luck, another inmate explained what the consequences were. Jake started crying and in between sobs, decided that since he was a "loner" and not a big strong man that he would have to figure out a way to keep others from raping him. Jake did not sleep that night and stayed awake thinking about a strategy to keep him safe.

We have to digress at this point in the story, and give a brief synopsis about his background. According to Jake's own rendition of his birth, we find that he was born the son of a prostitute who decide that she could not care for him so dicarded him in a dumpster behind a restaurant in the area. When one of the workers went to throw out some trash, he heard the crys of a baby coming from inside the dumpster. The worker grabbed the baby and went inside the restaurant and called the police.

Jake was placed into a foster home and by the time he was 10 years old, he had been shipped around from home to home, never even know if his real name was Jake. The paper work showed his name as J. Smith. One of the foster women started calling him Jake. By the time he was 14, he was living on the streets as a runaway. The rest is history.

On the morning after the rape, Jake would not leave his cell, he would not go to eat and by the 4th day the guards got worried and went to check on him. As the guards neared his cell on the third tier, they were about twenty feet from it, but already could smell the stench. Looking into the cell, Jake was standing in the middle of the cell, naked. He was covered from head to toe with his own crap. "Come out of your cell, right now," said the guard. Jake just stood there and smiled. Jake said, "come on in and get me". It was a stand off. The guard called for a extraction team to come up and assist in Jake's removal.

As the extraction team approached, they too said, "what the hell is that smell"?
The guard who requested them said that the inmate had spread crap all over him for an unknown reason. The guard said that they needed to take him to the showers. It was quite a battle getting him out of the cell and to the shower room. Once there they held Jake down and with a brush scubbed him down. He was then taken to the infirmary where he explained to the doctor what had happened to him. The doctor told the guards to place him into protective custody until a decision could be made to where he could be placed.

Jake was placed into protective custody, however one of the guards mistakenly opened Jake's cell and another inmate seized upon the opportunity, and ran inside the cell and was about to rape Jake again, but one of the guards heard the disturbance and was able to save Jake. Jake was so tramitized by this, that he again decided to spread his crap all over himself...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Stories Behind Prison Walls

The Mexican Mafia: The Story
This book is dedicated to the "Original Thirteen" members of the Prison Gang Task Force in California and to all other Law Enforcement agencies past, current and future Gang Enforcement personnel who continue to strive in the eradication of the gangs both within and outside of jails and prisons.