Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where's My Car ?

Probably one of the most facinating informants that we had at the Prison Gang Task Force was an associate of the Aryan Brotherhood by the name of Jimmy. He is in my book. I didn't tell everything about each of the various prison gang members or the book would have contained 3 or 4 times the pages. Besides being a demolition expert, he was also a car thief.

He told us about a scam that the Aryan Brotherhood had put together back in the late 1960's, early 1970's. Here is how he discribed it. The Aryan Brotherhood members had a tow truck and had two of those magnetic signs, one on each side of the doors. The sign had the initials AB Towing. (Now if that is not original, nothing is). Jimmy said that the driver would drive around towns looking for the big heaviest vehicles he could find such as Buicks, Cadillacs or Oldsmobiles parked on the street. The driver would simply back up the tow truck to the vehicle and hook it up to the tow truck and drive away.

Jimmy said that the driver would take it to the Long Beach or San Pedro salvage junk yard near the port where old automobiles were dismanteled and turned back into steel or shipped over seas. Jimmy said that before it was taken inside the yard, the driver would check the inside of the car and the trunks. Sometimes the driver would find money, guns and even drugs. The driver would then take out a hammer and break the windows and dent the car to make it look like junk. The license plates had also been removed...moco

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