Saturday, June 7, 2008


As I am sitting at my computer going over some of the many emails that I receive (between 75-100 dailey) It just struck me, the Mexican Mafia will be 51 years old this December, according to the late Bill Hankins. Despite all the arrests, members dropping out, RICO's and death, this insideous gang is not going away, and like I have said many times in the past, it is getting larger, and like locusts spreading across America, and it is destroying many lives in it's path.

Every time a "shot caller" is taken down, someone steps up to take his place. No, the Mexican Mafia is not lacking for those who desire to climb the ladder of destruction, or recruiters to bring in more of their kind to continue their criminal acts.

Along these lines, we keep hearing stories from some of the drop-outs of things that they could not have possibly been involved in as they were not around during some of the time periods that they talk about. For example, during the numerous times that we surveilled Joe Morgan, and during the three times that I was present during his arrests, some of these drop-outs claim they were so close to him. We never saw them at any of the locations Joe Morgan had been followed to, nor were their names ever mention in any wire taps that we were asked, "do you know this name, or that name."

An interviewer has to know that some of these drop-outs embellish the story to make them appear more than they are. Sure, some of these drop-outs have valuable information, otherwise they would not have been selected by the investigators in the first place. I am just saying, "don't believe everything told to you, remember, the bottom lines is they are Mexican Mafia members and remain so until their demise. The Prison Gang Task Force was not exempt from some of these stories and got "sucker punched" on more than one occassion.

I can hear the critics now, "this is all well and good, but what is the solution to the problem?"

If I knew that, I could make a lot of money. We just have to keep chipping away, like the drug problem, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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